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What’s At The Integrative Forefront of Back & Spine Pain…

Lifestyle Modification

What we do, how we work, and related daily habits are causes to explore. Eliminating aggravating factors can go a long way towards comfort.

Nutritional Intervention

Food can be a medicine for many things and this is no exception. Some specific dietary nutrients can be anti-inflammatory and pain reducing.

Mind-Body Medicine

One of the causes of pain is stress. Easy to say and hard to do, but stress reduction is key. There are a lot of techniques that can help.

Exercise Programs

Appropriate exercise routines can add flexibility, strengthen muscles, limit spasms and reduce pain. Translation? Less Pain!

TCM Botanical Solutions

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approaches, including botanicals, acupressure and acupuncture can be very helpful.

Physical Medicine

Physical medicine, manipulation, ultrasound and other energy medicine techniques are not to be forgotten.


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